50 €
    30 min
    This massage offers a basic therapy dedicated to all of the body for physically and emotionally nivel. It’s a relieving massage that’s ideal for download areas suffered from stress and tensions. This massage done on a stretcher.
    80 €
    45 min
    It is a relaxing therapeutic massage of the whole body, based on the exotic Balinese techniques .Start from the feet and then go over to your whole body with daintiness and sensitivity, taking you to a state of relaxation and a pleasant ending. This massage is done on a stretcher.
    120 €
    60 min
    Our beautiful masseuse with her soft hands, applies a tantra massage with oriental techniques that allows us to connect at a physical and emotional level, that will transport you into a state of relaxation. This massage carried out with hot oil, topless and in tatami.
    130 €
    60 min
    It will open your mind to the new sensations and allow ourbeautiful masseuse to contact with your body and soul. You will experience a massage with erotic touches and the ending will be special and different. Thi smassage is carried out with hot oil, topless and in tatami.
    150 €
    65 min
    Massage of great sensuality and eroticism, combines Balinese technique and classical steps of massage, performed by the masseuse withher hands and her own fully nude body, sliding with great subtlety, sensuality and rhythm on your body for outreaching a final maximum pleasure.
    180 €
    60 min
    Enjoy a relaxing massage on a tatami with hot oil, with long and soft passes full of pleasure and sensuality that will make your life energy flow throughout your body and awakening new sensations with rubbing and caressing in all of your senses, and also you will be immersed with our beautiful masseuse in a jacuzzi with surround scents that will make the massage with an extremely pleasant ending.
    190 €
    70 min
    Indulge with this special massage. The masseuse start pampering you with a ritual foot massage with aromatic flowers to improve circulation and then move to anexciting Balinese pool, where the masseuse will implement all our oriental techniques leading you to an extraordinary state of eroticism and sensuality, the massage arrive to an end in a comfortable tatami with tantric posture that will make unforgettable ending.
    250 €
    75 min
    A new massage that will surprise you and you will never forget. It begins with a ritual of aromatic flowers, then move in company by an invigorating shower with the masseuse that will leave you ready to permeate by flavorings and essences that giving you our balinese pool with a body to body massage full of eroticism and sensuality, continued a short relaxing massage in our tatami, where the masseuse will disconnect your body and mind to reach total state of relaxation, with finishing by soaking into exquisite bubbling jacuzzi.
    03.Four hands
    240 €
    65 min
    Live an unforgettable experience with two of our beautiful masseuses who cover your body with hot oils and feel how their hands and their naked bodies join for seamless movement, sensual and particularly with perfect synchronization above, feel their bodies sliding on your body, to enjoy a noverall feeling with a surprise ending, wher eyou can find harmony, enjoyment and relaxation, therefore you need to take care of yourbody, mind and soul.
    260 €
    65 min
    First you’ll enjoy a massage in tatami with two of our beautiful masseuses who with her soft hands touch your body gently, subtlety and sensuality, with their naked bodies will delightful movements with perfect synchronization, and then the massage will end with an immersion in a relaxing jacuzzi with exotic aromas.
    290 €
    75 min
    Enjoy a four-handed massage with two of our beautiful masseuses. This massage begins with a ritual of aromatic flowers, in a Balinese pool where our masseuses pamper you with a body to body massage with great daintiness and sensuality, while maintaining perfect synchronization with soft and erotic movements, finally your masseuses will pass you to tatami, to delight in a tantra massage that will make your emotions increase to reach total state of relaxation with a completely different ending.
    380 €
    80 min
    Enjoy a leisurely four-handed massage, where two of our beautiful masseuses will pamper you. You can enjoy our five relaxation areas, each area will furnish different sensations. The best of this massage is the total surrender of our masseuses with their arts and how their naked bodies slide over your body following the rhythm of the music with great daintiness and sensuality, where the customer has not one but two amazing, resistless and unforgettable endings!!!
    200 €
    60 min
    Enjoy a therapeutic massage especially for couples. This massage will be held by two masseuses for couples, the massage is done in a big room and a comfortable enviroment that is ideal for the occasion, after a relaxing massage, our beautiful masseuses will move you to a wide and relaxing jacuzzi where the couple will enjoy an intimate and pleasant time accompanied with refreshing champagne, chocolates or aphrodisiac fruits.
    250€ / 300 €
    60 min
    This is ideal for couples who want to get away from the routine. Our room is designed to provide a romantic and erotic atmosphere. This massage will be performed by two of our beautiful masseuses who start with a relaxing therapeutic massage to relieve stress, will be so relaxed that will not feel the exchange of masseurs, it is at this moment when the game starts and the masseuses offer you impressive body to body massage activating erogenous zones of your body, so they can reach a state of complete satisfaction. Finally you can enjoy a relaxing jacuzzi accompanied a refreshing champagne, chocolates or aphrodisiac fruits.
    200 €
    60 min
    This massage is ideal for most gourmands. This massage begins blind folded so all sensations are more intense. Your masseuse will cover you with hot oil all over the body to give you a pleasant heat, but when the masseuse pose her body on your body you will feel a disturbing cold that activate all your emotions, will be an unexpected contrast, it’s ideal for activating the erogenous zones of your body. Your masseuse will make you try different flavors that will make you enjoy from her own lips, as a finishing touch when you discover by your eyes you will take a big surprise to see her body smeared... You have to try it, you will not regret and, of course you will reach an unforgettable pleasure in all of your senses.